Dr. A.W. 'Red' Helton


Seeking Producer

and Sabbatical Housing

to complete the MY FATHER’S IDAHO project.


Over the course of ten years, Dad and I explored two decades of his Idaho images.  Locations and dates are handwritten on the 2000+ Kodachrome slides and the stories behind the images are Pure Idaho Gold!

MY FATHER'S IDAHO preserves the Heart and Soul of an era fast-fading from view. This cultural heritage gemstone reveals the 'Wild Beauty of Then,'....before Highway 12 was paved, before cell phones, before Dworshak, before recreational industry arrived on Idaho rivers.

May Dad's treasured view of 1950s and 1960s Idaho

reach the Heart and teach us well!


From the archives of


Sneak Point, 1967    MY FATHER'S IDAHO©

A Beautiful and Telling Transmedia Project

In the 1970s, DR. A.W. Helton created and taught the first environmental pollution class

in the State of Idaho, at the University of Idaho/Moscow. He talked to his family about the drought and coming fires decades before they arrived and as children warned us of

the dangers inherent in plastics.